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...the Key to Successful Outsourcing

Recognizing that proper quality control is the key element in successful outsourcing, Shanghai Component Outsourcing International controls the QC process through the following strategy:

  • Shanghai Outsourcing engineers coordinate with the client's quality control department to develop the QC process in the factory, including a final checklist for QC inspection purposes.
  • In addition, our engineers utilize the client's drawings and/or samples, to generate a final, detailed QC inspection checklist.
  • We generate QC reports prior to goods being loaded for shipment.

At Shanghai Outsourcing International, we view a truly integrated Quality Control system as more a matter of communication than reports and checklists. Our oversight strategy is successful in exposing potential problems early on, when solutions are easily and cheaply implemented. Our relationship with a broad network of qualified factories rests on communication and cooperation, thereby insuring a consistent and reliable source of products for our valued clients.