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How It All Works

A Typical Order’s Flowchart

Once a client’s order is ready to be placed, the following procedure is set in motion:

  • The client supplies product, packaging and ordering information such as: drawings, products specifications (CAD files, if possible) and/or samples, volume/order frequency as well as labeling and packaging details.
  • Shanghai Outsourcing matches client’s specific requirements with the most appropriate factory, advising details, which may include samples or photos of similar products produced by the factory, or qualification samples.
  • After an average time of 5 – 10 working days, we will quote tooling cost, if required, and price quotations of the finished products.
  • Upon acceptance of our quotation by the customer, samples, prototypes or trial orders will commence promptly.
  • After the client gives final approval of samples, a Purchase Order/Sales Contract, including packing/shipping date requirements will be issued.
  • Upon receipt of approved Purchase Order, production will proceed. Clients are welcome to send their engineers to China for quality assurance.
  • Shanghai Outsourcing’s engineers and quality control personnel will inspect the production prior to shipment.
  • Shanghai Outsourcing will provide shipping details and, if required, oversight of shipment from loading to receipt of order.