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David X. Liu

David Liu has a rich educational and business background in the People's Republic of China. David's extensive experience in China Trade includes positions with Hong Kong-based import/export corporations as General Manager for Sino Place Ltd. in California and International Project Director for Tri-Circle Corp. in Canada. David was Chief Consultant for Cal Capital Inc., another company headquartered in Hong Kong, specializing in feasibility studies for American entrepreneurs seeking to enter the China market and he worked as Chief Representative in China for Verso Technologies, a public company in Georgia. David is currently the President and co-founder of Shanghai Component Outsourcing International Ltd. His educational background includes a Ph. D. degree from Fudan University in Shanghai and a Ph.D. from Maxwell School of Citizenship & Public Affairs, Syracuse University in Syracuse , New York.

Lewis B. Shanks

Lewis Shanks was born in Washington, D.C. in 1943 and commands more than 30 years’ international business experience specializing in China Trade and emerging socialist economies. After two years of military service in Vietnam, Lewis obtained an undergraduate degree in Business Administration at Southampton College and went on to receive his MBA with a concentration in International Business from the University of Connecticut. His early work experience included positions as Marketing Manager for IRM, a Japanese market research firm, and Vice President of China Division at WJS, Inc., one of the first American import/export representation companies which pioneered entry into the China market as early as 1972. After introducing such Fortune 500 firms to the China market as Johnson & Johnson, TRW, Rockwell, Spiegel, Physio Control, Norton, Unocal and Englehard Industries, Lewis assumed responsibility for the development of import/export programs for US-based firms, large and small, and in a wide variety of industries. He was subsequently was positioned as Manager, Far East for Unocal, where he was instrumental in further developing the company’s long term interests in China, the Philippines and South Korea. Lewis later became an independent consultant specializing in the development of trade between China and newly emerging Russian firms during the 1990’s. He has generated close to $700 million in international business transactions throughout his career and spent more than four years in China during his 60+ trips to the country. As one of only 52 Americans in Beijing at the time of the death of Mao Tse Tung in September of 1976, Lewis maintains a unique perspective regarding China’s development in the world market from a closed society to the manufacturing powerhouse it is today. Lewis presently assists Shanghai Component Outsourcing International Ltd.
in the areas of market development and client liaison in their USA affiliate
office, Shanghai Outsourcing USA.

Leo Y. Zhou

A native of Shanghai, China, Leo Zhou is a business professional with a rich technical background and broad entrepreneurial history. Beginning his career in 1983 as a software engineer with the Computer Center of Shanghai Ship and Shipping Research Institute of the Ministry of Communications, Leo's technical expertise in the design of ship/harbor management systems played an important role in the many award-winning research achievements credited to the SSSRI during his tenure. Leo then progressed to the position of Electronic Engineer and Manager of Facility Supplying Department Shanghai XIN HUA Control Engineering Company, Ltd. where his technical proficiency was further augmented and his managerial skills became finely honed. In 1995, as founder and General Manager of Shanghai LiJin Industry Company, Ltd., Leo Zhou's technical specialty as an LED Control System Integrator was a key element in developing complex control systems for power plants. Today, as co-founder and General Manager of Shanghai Component Outsourcing, Ltd., Leo Zhou's rich work history, technical expertise and hands-on managerial style have placed Shanghai Component Outsourcing, Ltd. on a dedicated path toward bringing the benefits of outsourcing to small and medium-sized western manufacturers. Leo's academic history is equally impressive, beginning with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Shanghai Marine University. As a graduate student, Leo furthered his studies in computer science at the Electronic and Communication Department of Japanese National Electric and Communication University in Tokyo.